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Methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane

Methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane
  • Product Code:BOSIL-201
  • CAS No.:63148-62-9
  • Effective Content:
  • Appearance:Colorless transparent viscous liquid
  • Packaging:DRUM/IBC
  • Net Weight:190KG/950KG
Product Description

Product Information

Product Code:BOSIL-201

Chemical Name:Methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane

Synonyms:Dimethyl Silicone Fluid, Methyl silicone Fluid, Polydimethylsiloxane, silicone oil,Organic silicone oil

Molecular Formula: (CH3)3Si[O(CH3)2Si]nOSi(CH3)3

CAS No.: 63148-62-9

Appearance: Colorless, transparent, no mechanical impurities



Methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane is non-toxic and tasteless, has physiological inertness, good chemical stability, electrical properties and weather resistance, wide viscosity range, low freezing point, high flash point, good hydrophobicity, and can be used for a long time at -50 ~ 200 ℃ temperature. It is widely used as insulation, lubrication, shockproof, dustproof oil, dielectric liquid and heat carrier, as an additive for defoaming, mold release, paint and daily cosmetics, etc.


Technical data


Note: The above data are for reference only and cannot be formulated as technical specifications. Industrial dimethicone of various viscosities can be customized to produce



◆ Non-toxic, odorless; high flash point, low freezing point, low acid value, low hydroxyl content.

 Small viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compressibility, low surface tension, good hydrophobicity, and low specific thermal conductivity.

 Easy to apply, wipe off, polish, spreadability and compatibility.

 Low environmental hazard, low surface energy, low reactivity.



Electromechanical industry 

Used in motors, electrical appliances, and electronic instruments as an insulating medium for temperature resistance, arc corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and dust resistance, and as an impregnating agent for transformers, capacitors, and scanning transformers for TV sets. It is used as liquid shockproof and damping material in various precision machinery, instruments and meters. The shock absorption performance of dimethyl silicone oil is less affected by temperature, and it can also be used in instruments such as aircraft and automobile instruments in situations with strong mechanical vibration and large changes in ambient temperature. For shock resistance, damping, stabilizing meter readings, and also as a liquid spring.



Dimethicone has low surface tension, good chemical stability and non-toxicity. It can be widely used as a defoamer in petroleum, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing. textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries.


As a release agent

Methyl silicone oil is non-sticky to rubber, plastic, metal, etc. It is often used as a release agent for the molding of various rubber and plastic products. It is not only easy to release, but also makes the surface of the product clean, smooth and clear.

Used as insulating, dust-proof and anti-mildew coating: dip-coat a layer of dimethyl silicone oil on the surface of glass and ceramics, and heat treatment at 250-300 ℃, it can form a semi-permanent waterproof, anti-mildew, insulating layer the film.



Dimethicone oil is suitable for lubricants for rubber, plastic bearings and gears, and also as lubricants for friction between steel and other metals at high temperatures. However, methyl silicone oil has poor lubricating properties at room temperature, and is generally not recommended as an intermetallic lubricant at room temperature.



Dimethicone can be used as a gloss enhancer for paint. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the paint can make the paint not wrinkled and improve the brightness of the paint film; adding a small amount of silicone oil to the ink can improve the printing quality, adding a small amount of silicone oil to the paint. In polishing oil, it can increase brightness, protect paint film, and have excellent waterproof effect.


Application in medical and health care

Dimethicone is non-toxic to human body and is not decomposed by body fluids, so it is also widely used in medical and health care. Utilizing its defoaming effect, the oral gastrointestinal defoaming tablet and the pulmonary edema defoaming aerosol have been prepared for medicinal purposes. Adding silicone oil to the ointment can improve the penetration ability of the drug into the skin and improve the efficacy of the drug. Some ointments based on silicone oil have good curative effects on scalds, dermatitis, bedsores, etc. Using the anticoagulant effect of silicone oil, it can be used to treat the surface of the blood reservoir and prolong the storage time of blood samples, etc.

Other aspects

Methyl silicone oil has many uses in other aspects. For example, using its high flash point, odorless, colorless, transparent and non-toxic to human body, it can be used as a heat carrier in oil baths or thermostats in steel, glass, ceramics and other industries and scientific research. Using its good shear resistance, it can be used as hydraulic oil, especially aviation hydraulic oil. Using it to treat rayon can eliminate static electricity and improve the quality of spinning. Adding silicone oil to cosmetics can improve the moisturizing and protective effect of the skin, etc.

  This product information, as well as all technical advice, is based on our current level of experience and knowledge. We do not accept any legal responsibility, including the known third party intellectual property rights. In particular, we do not make any guarantee or warranty of the product properties in a legal sense. We reserve the right to any changes to this product made by technological progress or further development. Customers who use this product should conduct their own careful testing and inspecting. This description of the product properties should also be verified by professional testing through the customers who use this product. The reference codes of other companies are not recommended but not excluded the availability of similar products.
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