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·POSITION:NewsCompany Activities → Studying and Implementing the “Safety Special Counselling Report” BlueSky carried out a comprehensive safety and environmental protection inspection

Studying and Implementing the “Safety Special Counselling Report” BlueSky carried out a comprehensive safety and environmental protection inspection
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On the morning of March 27, the Municipal Party Committee held a special study and counseling report meeting for the theoretical learning center group (expanded), presided over by Sun Daojun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and invited Xu Ke, former member of the Party Committee and Chief Engineer of the Provincial Emergency Department, to make a counseling report, and Feng Qionghua, the main person in charge of BlueSky, participated in the study.

On March 28, Feng Qionghua organized management personnel and front-line staff to learn and convey the spirit of the conference .

Studying and Implementing the “Safety Special Counselling Report” BlueSky carried out a comprehensive safety and environmental protection inspection

Xu Ke, the Chief Engineer, comprehensively and systematically interpreted the existing problems and how to address them in terms of “how to ensure safety in production”. Safety management always adheres to five words, repeated efforts and continuous improvement. 

Adhere to the "12345" as the focus, as the core. The main problems in enterprise safety management mainly include that awareness and interest issues for the main responsible person, capability and level issues for safety management personnel, and lack of “Four-knowledge” issues for front-line staff.  The three types of personnel need to find their respective positioning, clarify their responsibilities, and focus on “big safey” through “small incisions” in tams construction. In particular, grass-roots employees must have the "four-knowledge" of their positions and effectively fulfill safety responsibilities at the grass-roots level.

Implement the "3E" principle of safety management. Enforcement, establish and improve a system of overall responsibility, such as regulations, rules, and operating procedures, and ensure their implementation, inspection and assessment. Education, enhance employee’s safety awareness, standardize safety behaviors, and strengthen safety skills through education and training. Engineering, use technical means to eliminate the unsafe factors in production facilities and equipment, improve working environments, and enhance protective and alarm devices. The "3E" principles aims to improve production safety from legal, educational and technological perspectives. 

Safety is not scary, and safety can be managed well. Secretary Sun Daojun emphasized that safety production is a matter of “life and death” and a matter of “safeguarding the bottom line”, it must not be taken lightly. We must adhere to the people-centered development ideology, establish a solid concept of safe development, and simultaneously promote development and safety. We must correctly handle the relationship between safety and development, safety and efficiency, and safety and speed. High-quality development should promote high-level safety, and high-level safety should guarantee high-quality development. 

In order to further implement the spirit of the meeting, after the meeting, BlueSky organized a comprehensive inspection of safety and environmental protection.

--Part of the content is excerpted from the report on the special study counselling seminar of the Municipal Party Committee’s Theoretical Study Center Group (expanded) on the official website of the Xiantao Municipal People's Government. English translation.  

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