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Implementing the Entity Responsibility to Ensure Safety and Stability
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    On April 26th, BlueSky organized a comprehensive safety inspection, with the main person in charge, Feng Qionghua, participating in the safety inspection.

    During the mobilization meeting, Feng Qionghua reviewed the 1984 cyanide leakage accident of Union Corporation US, and studied several major production safety accidents in China over the past 5 years. Chemical companies involved in hazardous chemicals, such as flammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful substances, as well as high-temperature and high-pressure production processes, have widely distributed and high-risk safety points. The difficulty of controlling is high, and it is easy to form safety hazards and trigger serious production safety accidents. The occurrence of each production safety accident exposes the fact that some enterprises have not implemented or fulfilled their entity responsibilities for safety production, have weak basic safety management, and lack awareness and ability to identify risks to meet the needs of safety production. The concept that "hidden dangers are accidents" has not formed a consensus. As a fine chemical company, BlueSky bears heavy responsibility, faces great pressure, and has high riskin safety work. We must fulfill our main responsibilities as an enterprise.

Implementing the Entity Responsibility to Ensure Safety and Stability

   Feng Qionghua emphasized that the current external environment is turbulent and even stormy, the economic situation is very severe, The "economic winter" is far more serious than imagined. We all have the responsibility, each with pressure. We must maintain composure, fully exert our subjective initiative, and maintain the overall balance between production and sales, seeking steady progress.

    Feng Qionghua pointed out that today's comprehensive inspection is to implement the requirements of the provincial and municipal bureaus to carry out self-examination and self-improvement of key hazardous chemical enterprises in Hubei Province by 2024, and it is also a large-scale safety inspection before the “May 1st holiday. We must implement the prescribed actions and do practical work. Accurate identification, scientific control of safety risks, as well as timely identifying and rectifying hidden hazards of accidents, are fundamental tasks and effective measures to improve our enterprise’s safety mangement level and prevent accidents. Whether or not we can identify and rectify the problems thoroughly reflects the adequacy of our safety management capabilities are keeping up. This is also what Chief Engineer, Xu Ke, mentioned as an issue of capability. 

   The foundation is not solid, and any negligence in safety production can cause a major disaster. We can't afford any luck when it comes to safety. Safety is the top priority for our new era, and we must implement the responsibility system for safety production for all staff. There must be no work-related injuries or accidents. We must effectively ensure safety during holidays and festivals, and firmly guard the red line, bottom line, and lifeline of safety production. 

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